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New UK Slot Sites Reviews – Casino Splendido


Online casinos come in many styles and that means that when you go online in order to find one you will like, there will be a whole lot of selection available to you. However, there is one casino that a lot of people have found to be the right one for them. If you like a new casino that offers you a lot of opportunities but still maintains a fairly basic design that is user friendly then definitely make sure you take a look at Casino Splendido. The appearance of this casino is spectacular and may find its beauty to be very inviting. However, it’s everything else it has to offer that keeps players coming back and becoming loyal to the casino.

Software & Games

new uk slot sites reviewsMicrogaming is the most popular software in the online casino industry and this is why you will be pleased to know that Casino Splendido is a Microgaming powered casino. This means the games that you are able to enjoy there can all be counted on to offer you the best possible graphics, great sounds, user friendly interfaces, a lot of player options, and there are also a whole lot of them for you to choose from. You can also play games in instant play or you can easily download the software onto your system. Some of the most popular of the games at Casino Splendido are many slots games, roulette, blackjack, and a number of video poker games. There are more than 500 games here which make this a casino with more games than most of the others out there.


When you decide to join Casino Splendido you want to be sure you look over the different offers and other promotions that are offered. When you first join this casino you will be able to earn a welcome bonus that is good for as much as 120. This amount gives you the ability to play even more of the great games.


When you go to take care of your banking transactions at this casino you can use a variety of offered methods with some of the preferred methods being the use of credit and debit cards, Moneybookers, NETeller, InstaDebit, ClickandBuy, Click2Pay, EcoCard, UseMyBank, etc.

Loyalty Program

There is a good loyalty program that you can take advantage of at Casino Splendido. If you think that you would like to know more about the program the casino offers then you want to contact the support team for more information.


Casio Splendido is considered to be one of the more secure casinos on the Internet. This casino is eCogra certified as well. In fact, it holds many certificates and licenses that help prove it is a fair and secure casino.


If you need help while at this casino you can reach the team through email or by phone. However, the easiest method would be to use the live chat feature. The team is very professional and has been well trained on all aspects of the casino and what it offers.

Podcast Episode 25

Welcome back!

Episode 25, a BIIIIIIIG number, really.

On this EPIC show, we discuss our working lives, and the slackness we’ve shown getting these Podcasts online. On ROTATION, we talk Plants VS Zombies (from here on in, referred to as PvZ), the new Sonic game, The Force Unleashed and the demo for the sequel. We move onto the NEWS, and discuss thing like 30% of Xbox Live users purchasing games off Xbox Live and Marketplace items, Microsoft preparing a 500 MILLION DOLLAR marketing campaign for Kinect, and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock sales have been EXTREMELY disappointing, with sales slowing down exponentially in comparison to the older titles. We also congratulate Nintendo on 25 years of awesomeness and AkumajoBelmont rattles off a few choice titles. ReMix of the Week is from a new DSi-Ware game Shantae: Risky Revenge, a track called ‘Baal Bhaagna’ by some newb called Jake ‘Virt’ Kaufmann…

Also, coming up in a later Podcast, when will ZE learn to phrase his words properly, and spell correctly, so that AJB doesn’t have to edit these blurbs all the time? (Who the fuck could spell Baal Bhaagna correctly the FIRST TIME? Maybe if I worked in a call centre… -ZE) It’s a mystery that only time itself may solve. Maybe.

Enjoy the show bitches! 😀

Podcast Episode 24

EPISODE 24. Yep, 24.

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, TICK….. etc

This episode we talk about Z0mb!eE@t3r’s birthday, Will & Grace, Xbox FAIL!!! (and yes, this is so fail that this fail needed CAPSRAGE) and Steam doing funky things. ROTATION this week is all about Plants vs Zombies (henceforth known as PvZ), Alien Swarm, Lego Indiana Jones, Wii Sports, Overlord on Wii, Trials 2 and Comic Jumper. First ReMix of the Week is “Bias, Groove” by Chthonic and Halc from Kirby’s Dreamland on the Gameboy. ZE has an story to tell about something incredible he saw on his travels to and from work, and we shoutout to our new member SirDownunder. On the NEWS, we get into how analysts are saying that core gamers are playing more games while casual gamers are migrating from the Wii and music titles, to mobile and browser titles. EA and the courts rape Tim Langdell of Edge®™ Magazine, and the recent layoffs at the Activision-owned Raven Software. AJB decides to spill his drink everywhere (nearly killing his laptop and the podcast in the process). Second ReMix of the Week is from Level99 and it’s a fantastic re-imagining of “Moon Over the Castle” from Gran Turismo A-Spec called “Lunar Dioxide”. It’s pure awesomeness. On COUNTDOWN we discuss “the Worst franchise resurrections ever”, “the funniest, most awesome and just plain weird gaming glitches of all time” and “……” well, we got so carried away with the second topic, we forgot the third. Sorry.

We finish off with a song called “Katamari on the Rock” from the Katamari Damacy OST.

Until next time, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, TICK….. Where is Kiefer Sutherland when you need him anyway?

Podcast Episode 23

So, Episode 23 is here.

Well, that wasn’t very enthusiastic….


We talk about lots. Modern Family, TPG, work, music and all matter of garbage. On ROTATION we discuss Plants vs Zombies, CSS: Hardwired, Lego Indiana Jones, Spore, Puzzle Quest 2, Hydrophobia, the new Castlevania and Street Fighter IV. ReMix of the Week is a Mega Man remix from ilp0 called “Morning Walk in the Burning City”. In the NEWS; “EA takes the Taliban out of Medal of Honour Multiplayer: Renames them the Opposing Force”, “Panasonic to enter the handheld market with first console since the 3DO”, “Microsoft says that if you spend 2400 points in October, you get 800 points back”. We put in a song from the MegaDrive port of Jim Power, that sadly never came to be (after watching a robot vagina). We eventually get to COUNTDOWN and talk all about “16-bit nostalgia”, “Kinect is coming. Are you still excited?” and “System comparisons. Which games are best on what platform?”. We finish off with a remix from Castle of Illusion which we hope you enjoy.

LOVE IT. (and us)

Podcast Episode 22

“…and then I said to her, there is no way I’m putting that there. Anyway she then grabs……. wait…. is this on???” Ahem…..

Episode 22 is FINALLY HERE. We’re going on record in saying that this is the most pointless and hilarious intro ever. Z0mb!eE@t3r discusses his House Mod, we use the C-Bomb A LOT (and we mean A Lot-A LOT). This week in ROTATION we chat about Plants vs. Zombies, Trials 2, Lego Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, Split Second, Audiosurf, Halo Reach, Assassins Creed, Bomberman Live, Geometry Wars 2, Blade Kitten, Enslaved and Devil May Cry 4. Making NEWS this week is Activision and EA butting heads, Nintendo being behind the curve when it comes to patching games, APB has had its support dropped after 3 MONTHS ON THE MARKET, and Sony issues a firmware update which adds 3D capability for BluRay and gaming, but kills (exploding) 3rd party controllers. Apparently. ReMix of the Week is by Another Soundscape and Dragon Avenger and is called ‘Morning Thinker’, a arrangement of a track from Silent Line: Armoured Core. On COUNTDOWN we discuss topics such as “Browser games you really truly should try”, “PopCap games; why they are awesome” and “Your most overrated game of all time”. We play “Blue Water Blue Sky” from Guilty Gear XX Midnight Carnival.

All this and MORE in the funniest, dirtiest and craziest podcast we’ve done to date.

Fuck. Yes.