Podcast Episode 22

“…and then I said to her, there is no way I’m putting that there. Anyway she then grabs……. wait…. is this on???” Ahem…..

Episode 22 is FINALLY HERE. We’re going on record in saying that this is the most pointless and hilarious intro ever. Z0mb!eE@t3r discusses his House Mod, we use the C-Bomb A LOT (and we mean A Lot-A LOT). This week in ROTATION we chat about Plants vs. Zombies, Trials 2, Lego Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, Split Second, Audiosurf, Halo Reach, Assassins Creed, Bomberman Live, Geometry Wars 2, Blade Kitten, Enslaved and Devil May Cry 4. Making NEWS this week is Activision and EA butting heads, Nintendo being behind the curve when it comes to patching games, APB has had its support dropped after 3 MONTHS ON THE MARKET, and Sony issues a firmware update which adds 3D capability for BluRay and gaming, but kills (exploding) 3rd party controllers. Apparently. ReMix of the Week is by Another Soundscape and Dragon Avenger and is called ‘Morning Thinker’, a arrangement of a track from Silent Line: Armoured Core. On COUNTDOWN we discuss topics such as “Browser games you really truly should try”, “PopCap games; why they are awesome” and “Your most overrated game of all time”. We play “Blue Water Blue Sky” from Guilty Gear XX Midnight Carnival.

All this and MORE in the funniest, dirtiest and craziest podcast we’ve done to date.

Fuck. Yes.