Podcast Episode 23

So, Episode 23 is here.

Well, that wasn’t very enthusiastic….


We talk about lots. Modern Family, TPG, work, music and all matter of garbage. On ROTATION we discuss Plants vs Zombies, CSS: Hardwired, Lego Indiana Jones, Spore, Puzzle Quest 2, Hydrophobia, the new Castlevania and Street Fighter IV. ReMix of the Week is a Mega Man remix from ilp0 called “Morning Walk in the Burning City”. In the NEWS; “EA takes the Taliban out of Medal of Honour Multiplayer: Renames them the Opposing Force”, “Panasonic to enter the handheld market with first console since the 3DO”, “Microsoft says that if you spend 2400 points in October, you get 800 points back”. We put in a song from the MegaDrive port of Jim Power, that sadly never came to be (after watching a robot vagina). We eventually get to COUNTDOWN and talk all about “16-bit nostalgia”, “Kinect is coming. Are you still excited?” and “System comparisons. Which games are best on what platform?”. We finish off with a remix from Castle of Illusion which we hope you enjoy.

LOVE IT. (and us)