Podcast Episode 25

Welcome back!

Episode 25, a BIIIIIIIG number, really.

On this EPIC show, we discuss our working lives, and the slackness we’ve shown getting these Podcasts online. On ROTATION, we talk Plants VS Zombies (from here on in, referred to as PvZ), the new Sonic game, The Force Unleashed and the demo for the sequel. We move onto the NEWS, and discuss thing like 30% of Xbox Live users purchasing games off Xbox Live and Marketplace items, Microsoft preparing a 500 MILLION DOLLAR marketing campaign for Kinect, and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock sales have been EXTREMELY disappointing, with sales slowing down exponentially in comparison to the older titles. We also congratulate Nintendo on 25 years of awesomeness and AkumajoBelmont rattles off a few choice titles. ReMix of the Week is from a new DSi-Ware game Shantae: Risky Revenge, a track called ‘Baal Bhaagna’ by some newb called Jake ‘Virt’ Kaufmann…

Also, coming up in a later Podcast, when will ZE learn to phrase his words properly, and spell correctly, so that AJB doesn’t have to edit these blurbs all the time? (Who the fuck could spell Baal Bhaagna correctly the FIRST TIME? Maybe if I worked in a call centre… -ZE) It’s a mystery that only time itself may solve. Maybe.

Enjoy the show bitches! 😀